Top 5 Reasons to Go Headless

5 reasons to go headless featured

Headless CMS

Top 5 Reasons to Go Headless

In comparison to traditional CMS, headless offers you a lot of flexibility, scalability, security, and other benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons to go Headless.

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5 reasons to go headless

A headless CMS, also known as headless software or headless system, is any type of back-end content management system where the content repository, is separated or decoupled from the presentation layer (font end). What this really means is that a headless CMS allows you to manage content in one place and still be able to deploy that content across any frontend you choose. This is key to omnichannel strategies because it lets you integrate content into any system, software, or website just by calling the APIs the headless CMS exposes.

Headless Architecture
Headless CMS Architecture

Now, let us come to the main point and describe to you five reasons to opt for Headless CMS:

Enhanced technical SEO and page speed

A headless CMS offers far greater SEO benefits than a traditional CMS. It includes faster page loads, better URL structures, flexibility in designing layouts and designs, and full control over the technical elements of your site.

Modern JavaScript base frameworks also allow developers to optimize Google Core Web Vital factors and Lighthouse metrics such as FCP, FMP, CLS, LCP to their full potential ensuring exceptional user experience and crawlability.

Headless is more secure

Security is a top priority when selecting a tech stack. Some of the most used CMSs have been known to have atrocious security issues. Headless CMSs come with less vulnerable out of the box due to their decoupled architecture.

Decoupled systems typically offer better security than monolithic or coupled systems because even if one part of the system is hacked, the entire thing usually won't be affected. Also, more security layers can be added if and when necessary.

Improved content management

With today’s always-online, always connected world, companies need to be even more focused on creating seamless digital experience. Because content is the core of any successful online strategy, it means we need to be creating more engaging content and publishing it across more channels and platforms than ever before. If your business is still using traditional tools to manage its content, it probably means more inconvenience for your already busy teams.

If you are serving content across multiple front-ends like a website, a mobile application, or digital screen, with traditional monolithic systems, the content will have to be reoptimized for each end point. With a headless CMS, one piece of content can be viewed by multiple devices by calling an API, making it truly omnichannel, and ensuring consistency.

Scalable Better UI and Improved content management

Scalability and futureproofing your tech stack

With a decoupled approach, updating the front-ends (e.g. website or app) does not mean you need to update your whole tech stack. So, when building a new website, you can retain your current headless CMS and just create a new look and eel for your site.

New projects are also easy to get up and running with a headless CMS approach. Multiple front ends can use a single headless CMS for content, so microsites can be managed simply with the
same CMS.

Better user experience and UI freedom

A monolithic system offers limited flexibility in terms of design and user experience. A headless system offers complete freedom for designers to showcase their creative and UX output without restriction.

Decoupled architecture allows designers to experiment with new technologies and a never-ending repertoire of technological revolutions that come to life on an exponential basis. In Headless, developers have access to tools like, React.js, Vue.js, Flutter, React-Native, Android, and iOS to build exceptional user focused front-end experiences.

Headless content management systems are the greatest approach to swiftly creating high-performing websites. As, future is looking for ever-more-interesting methods to make consumers happy with their experiences, Headless is now the most intriguing one.

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