WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance & Optimisation

Websites should evolve as your business evolves, and keeping your website up-to-date as well as ensuring it's secure, and performing effectively for search engines is what are maintenance service is all about. Lots of websites are built and then left, meaning that security vulnerabilities, especially with WordPress exist. Our packages not only take care of checking, fixing, and optimising but also include time to help you evolve the website, with new pages, or Technical SEO fixes.

Why choose us for site maintenance & optimisation

  • Full analysis with recommendations
  • Implementation service as well as analysis
  • Experience with WordPress and Headless optimisation
  • Technical resource to support your internal team
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WordPress website maintenance focused on giving you a competitive advantage

Our website maintenance packages both ensure your website is up-to-date, secure and functioning correctly, as well as ensuring continual optimisation and evolution.

Core and plug-in updates taken care of for you

We will monitor your website on a daily basis, and ensure plug-ins and WordPress core is updated on a weekly basis. This ensures that no out of date plug-ins or core create security vulnerabilities for your website.

Design and development time included

All of our packages have dedicated design and development time. They are focused on the evolution of your website, not just maintenance. Our design team work with most packages, although our preference is Figma, were happy working with Adobe XD, Sketch, and others. As well as our design team, our development team will be there to help you implement new pages or features on your website.

Analysis of Core Web Vitals factors

We will analyse both core web vitals reports and the code base of your website to come up with a development plan for how to improve your website. with Core Web Vitals becoming an important part of Google's ranking factors, we'll help you optimise page speed and other areas alongside other technical SEO factors such as broken links and code.

WordPress or headless websites

We have a team of WordPress experts, and software developers, who are happy maintaining WordPress, or headless websites. We will be there to find solutions to your problems, helping you take the hassle out of growing your website.

Our Maintainance &
Optimisation Packages

Our maintenance packages help you grow your online
presence, pushing you ahead of your competition.

Basic 5 hours dev time

£295per month (+VAT)

Select plan

Small 15 hours dev time

£650per month (+VAT)

Select plan

Medium 30 hours dev time

£1250per month (+VAT)

Select plan

Complete 50 hours dev time

£1950per month (+VAT)

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Hours of design or development

5 hours

15 hours

30 hours

50 hours

Designs managed in Figma

Proactive website maintenance

Bug fixes

Plug-in, core & add-on updates

Backup & site restoration

Monthly reporting

Monthly technical SEO crawls
with Sitebulb

Implementation of SEO recomendations from other agencies

Page speed monitoring &

24/7 website uptime

Hosting support

WP Engine Hosting Included

Git management (if already in place)

Core Web Vitals Factors

There are a number of factors that make up page performance. We've listed these below.

Development Hours

All our packages include development hours to ensure there is ongoing work on your website and whether it's a new page, design improvements or implementation of additional sections, we are here to help you and to ensure that as you grow your site grows with you.

Design Hours

Will hold your designs in Figma and as and when required we can create designs for new pages, rows, and modules. Or if you want to redesign your site, we can do that for you as well. We can also use a design hours to help with display and native adverts.

Core Web Vitals Optimisation

With page speed and other core Web vitals factors becoming so important, we will analyse and implement changes to ensure both your users and search engines are not waiting for ages for your site to load.

Technical SEO

Will use Sitebulb, and other tools to analyse your site, creating a roadmap for implementation to ensure your site is continuing to work amazingly with search engines as well as ensuring your users can find you.

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