Custom Software Development

Software development

Custom software that delivers a solution tailored to your needs and goals. We develop complex software solutions to impress your customers, make you more efficient, or update existing systems for a modern, secure, microservices-based world.

Our Software solutions

  • React & Vue Development
  • Microservices (our preference) or monolith
  • Multiple endpoints, mobile & web apps or SaaS & more
  • TypeScript, API's, GraphQL, Databases
  • Jamstack
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Software that delivers a solution tailored to your needs and goals

From consultancy to development, we're here to help you realize your vision. Whether it's a custom web application, a custom CMS, or a management system of any kind, our team covers all aspects of Software Development, and we can also help with the ongoing maintenance of your software.

Software Solutions Technologies

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Front-End Technologies


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Development Phases

Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning phase focuses on finding out about your current situation, this will include the current software, business and business structure, and the current customer acquisition process.


Flow map/Wireframe/UI

Once we have reviewed the situation will start building a flow map including UI structures. We will review this with you, building out a clear structure, at this point will review development timeframes based on the complexity of the structure.

Design UI/UX

Once the map and UI have been agreed we will start populating wireframes, building out a full design and prototyping the UI. We use Figma so you will be able to see the progression of the designs as they are built out, feedback is vital for us during this phase, with regular meetings and the ability to make comments through Figma directly on the designs.


With all the work from the previous three phases, we will have a clear plan for the development of the software. Throughout the development, we continually check coding quality and work in agile sprints with reviews and planning at the end of each sprint.

QA & Testing

Although there will be continuous reviewing of the codes during development, as we near the end of the development phase our QA and testing department will start reviewing the code and UI, ensuring both structure and quality of coding is exemplary.

Launch & Post Launch Support

Once everything is complete, we can work through the deployment of the software. Whether it is through our hosting or your own, we will help you with configuration and deployment, and ensure that the launch is smooth. We will be there after launch to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Software Development FAQs

jQuery and React.js are both popular JavaScript libraries that enable developers to produce similar results in terms of design and performance. However, they use different techniques. For instance, React allows embedding HTML within JavaScript and uses a virtual DOM, whereas jQuery interacts with the DOM directly.

Although React Native’s styling closely resembles that of CSS, you don’t need to learn CSS to use. However, you need basic HTML knowledge for the layout and designing other dynamic features.

As of 2022, over 10,360 companies use React.js to build and maintain their sites, including the likes of Uber, Facebook, Discord, Skype, Pinterest, and Airbnb, to name a few.

JAMstack is a modern web development architecture designed to make static sites faster, safer, and more scalable, thus, improving both the user and developer experience. Instead of using a traditional CMS, developers use JAMstack to split the JavaScript code, the site’s infrastructure, and content and connect everything using APIs.

React.js is a web development framework built upon JavaScript, so learning React could brush up your JavaScript skills along with HTML and CSS. Learning react won’t necessarily make JavaScript easier but having a working knowledge of this language can improve your React.js skills.

React Native is a framework. React.js, on the other hand, is an open-source JavaScript library used to create, store, and use web applications. It deals with the views and allows developers to choose the rest of their front-end architecture

Python is a general-purpose computer programming language used for building websites and software and data analytics/visualization. It is also used as a support language for developers for build control, testing, and site management.

Tailwind CSS is the utility first CSS framework used by developers to test out new layout styles before deploying changes without changing any functionality. It’s a great tool to help speed up the design process, but only if you’re familiar with CSS.

Node.js is a development platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime to help users build fast and scalable network applications. Thanks to an event-driven, block-free I/O model, it’s extremely lightweight and efficient, which makes it perfect for data/time-intensive applications.

Microservices are a cloud-based architectural approach used to create a single application that is composed of many smaller components or services. In contrast, a monolith application is a single unified unit in which the user interface and data access code are merged into a single program.

Docker is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) tool or a software framework used for building, running, and managing software in packages called containers on servers and the cloud.

Netlify is a web development platform used by professionals to improve productivity by unifying the main elements of decoupled web infrastructures. It essentially connects to your GitHub repository to pull your source code and pre-renders all of your pages in static HTML so you can distribute them across a large number of content delivery systems.

GraphQL is an open-source data query language and a server-side runtime for APIs that is used to give developers exactly the data they request and nothing more. It is an alternative to Rest-API used to pull data from multiple points using a single call.

SQL is a relational database that uses a tabular design, whereas non-SQL uses a document-based design. SQL databases offer a well-designed pre-defined data presentation, whereas non-SQL databases offer a dynamic presentation of unstructured data.

The best way to ensure high-quality code is to use a coding standard and follow code review best practices, so you can refactor legacy code when necessary.

The best way to test software is by creating a test plan encompassing basic functionality testing, review, static code analysis, and performance testing. You can use Scripts to automate test case scenarios.

From designing and developing the website to site hosting, from ongoing support and site improvement to Analytics and site quality reports, we take care of everything concerning your website under the same service package.

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