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App development

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We develop scalable cross-platform mobile and desktop applications

In today's era of applications, we can give your business or idea that extra boost. We can develop highly scalable mobile applications for iOS and Android with React Native and Desktop Applications for both Windows and Mac with Electron.

Development Stack

From development to marketing, we help you build your business and amaze your customers.


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Development Phases

Requirement Analysis

This is the most important part of any project to us. At the beginning of every project, we meticulously analyse each and every use-case and business logic of the project in question. We use different UML diagrams like, Use-case diagram and Sequence diagram in order to visualise the project requirements. After that we build wireframes and storyboards to visualise the structure of the build. All these enable us to realise your vision.

Design & Development

After the wireframes and UML diagrams are approved we go to the drawing board to Design the UI & UX and also the system architecture of the build. When it comes to selecting the technology stack we make sure to select the most suitable technologies for the project in accordance with the requirements. We follow Scrum methodology for project management and work in code-sprints to implement different modules of the project, each code-sprint consisting of about 2 weeks of development. After each sprint, we update you on the progress.

QA & Testing

Continuous integrated testing is a vital part of the whole process in order to ensure the end-product is as bug-free as possible. Our QA & Testing team makes sure that each module is thoroughly tested after development and each test case is meticulously tested after integration.


When it comes to deployment our DevOps team is well versed in cloud technologies like AWS, GCP & Azure, but we can also work with other deployment platforms like DigitalOcean, Netlify, and Heroku. We usually use Docker containers to ensure seamless deployment from our development environment to any platform you would like.


After deployment, we'll be there to help you through the early stages, whether it's bug fixes or training on the system, we'll ensure you have everything to get off to an amazing start.