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Enterprise WordPress development

Cutting-edge enterprise WordPress websites that deliver value to you, your customers, and search engines.

We design and develop WordPress websites that engage your customers through stunning design and meticulous development to provide an exceptional user experience. We build sites that are easy to maintain and update internally and ensure all of our builds are search engine friendly, including Core Web Vitals factors.

Our WordPress Development

  • Page Builders - Beaver Builder, Elementor & Guttenberg & premium plugins such as Gravity Forms, Rank Math Pro, ACF Pro, and more.
  • Custom development of themes, plugins, modules, and functionality.
  • Additional features - Tech SEO, GTM, analytics, cookie solutions & page speed.
  • Security - WP Engine GES, Cloudflare, security plugins, BlogVault, update functionality, and more.
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Why Us For Enterprise WordPress?

Websites Built By Coders

All our WordPress developers are experienced in CSS and JavaScript and can develop custom modules and ensure the development achieves the functions and user experience set out in the designs. We are experienced with all enterprise page builders and will help you pick the right one for your project.

Custom & Premium Plug-ins

We are constantly evaluating the best plug-ins for every scenario and have established a set that we would recommend for the majority of projects. These include ACF Pro, Gravity Forms, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Rank Math Pro & Nitro Pack. We are also happy to build custom plug-ins where necessary.

Our Own Custom Theme

We have developed our own theme, which we use as a starting point for the majority of projects, saving time and cost and ensuring exceptional quality websites. We have built the theme to produce fast, lightweight websites and have included the ability to place additional code in the header, body, and footer for simple integration of tools like Google Tag Manager.

Design & UX

We are happy to build from pre-existing designs or use our design to work with you in every stage, from wireframes to design and prototyping. We use Figma to easily keep you updated with the progress of the design and gather feedback.

WordPress Hosting

We recommend hosting WordPress websites on WP Engine. If you prefer another service, such as AWS or Google Cloud, we are happy to configure this too. We are happy to set up the hosting, so you're ready to launch with the right configuration to ensure stability and a great user experience.

Launch & Post Launch Support

Once the site has launched, we'll be there to ensure everything works smoothly for the first couple of months. After that, we offer ongoing maintenance packages to ensure your website is updated and stable.

Custom WordPress Development Technologies

Development Technologies









Page Builders

Beaver Builder




Rank Math Pro





Gravity Forms


WP Rocket


WP Engine




WordPress Development Phases

Discovery & Planning

The discovery and planning phase focuses on finding out about the current situation, this will include the current web presence, business and business structure, and the current customer acquisition process. We also run analysis tools and review analytics.


Sitemap & Wireframe Creation

Once we have reviewed the situation will start building out a flow map including page structures. We will review this site map with you, building out a clear project structure, at this point will review development timeframes. After the flow map is confirmed, we will progress on to building wireframes for the main pages.

Design UI/UX

Once the flow map and wireframes have been agreed we will start populating wireframes, building out a full design and prototyping the website. The designs will be populated with imagery and dummy content, and prototyping will give an indication of flow and user experience.


With all the work from the previous three phases, we will have a clear plan for the development of the site. All our custom WordPress sites are developed using either Beaver Builder, Elementor or Guttenberg with custom coding and custom plugins where needed. We will also ensure the site is easy to manage on an ongoing basis through creating page, row and module templates.

QA & Testing

Although there will be continuous reviewing of the codes during development, as we near the end of the build phase our QA and testing department will start reviewing the code and design, ensuring both structure and quality of coding is exemplary.

We will also work with you, utilising tools such as BugHerd to enable us to work together ensuring every element of the website is ready for launch.

Launch & Post Launch Support

Once everything is complete, we can work through the deployment of the new site. Whether it is through our hosting or your own, we will help you with configuration of the DNS, and ensure that the transition is smooth.

Once the new site is live, we will test everything again to ensure it is working as expected. After deployment, we will be there to help you through the early stages, whether it is bug fixes or training on the system.

Enterprise WordPress FAQs

WordPress is the most widely used CMS (content management system) in the world. It powers nearly 40% of the web and is used by millions of businesses around the globe. The open-source software has become indispensable for modern websites, powering blogs, eCommerce stores, and corporate intranets.

WordPress is one of the only solutions in the market offering enterprise solutions from designing to developing, hosting, analytics, site improvement, and ongoing support.

WordPress is easy to install and deploy, easy to manage, easy to use, scalable, and customizable. Since it’s free and open-source, users can take advantage of other features, such as cross-platform compatibility, security, and flexibility.

Any complex business website will require ongoing maintenance. Regular maintenance is critical to ensuring your site’s structural integrity by displaying content correctly and addressing any security issues. As WordPress is so reliant on plugins, you need to keep them these must be kept up to date.

We are happy to work with your preferred plugins although we do have our recommendations, and we will build the most appropriate solutions into the project after the discovery phase. Our standard premium plugins include ACF Pro, Gravity Forms, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Rank Math Pro & NitroPack.

In the early stages of a project, we develop locally, meaning we can rapidly build the early stages of the solution. As we progress, we use git hub and git-flow to develop the site initially on a development server, moving it to stage for final checks and then deploying to live.

WordPress on its own is not capable of scoring great page speed scores. Even with the best development approach, the additional weight that is carried from the backend to the front-end with elements such as themes and plugins will always result in a slower site. By optimizing the site and utilizing additional services, such as caching with Cloudflare, efficient hosting with providers like WP Engine, and using services like WP Rocket or NitroPack, you can improve page speeds.

The cost of custom WordPress development depends on your project’s complexity, usually between £10,000 to £50,000. For example, adding features like multisite will have a significant impact on the overall cost. If you’re looking to spend over £50,000, we highly recommend opting for a headless solution.

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