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Over the last couple of years, for a few reasons we don’t want to talk about anymore (here’s to freedom and health), e-commerce saw a massive increase in global revenue, taking a bigger and bigger share of the market. In fact, according to Statista, e-commerce sales are estimated to take up 24.5% of all retail sales, globally, by 2025.

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To make the most of this trend, e-commerce sites constantly seek better quality and performance to drive sales - which is exactly what the new Sanity Connect app is designed to help with. 

What is Sanity Connect?

Sanity Connect is a powerful Shopify app that allows e-commerce site owners to create beautiful and fast-performing storefronts, designed and engineered by - the creators of a flexible, unified content platform built to create custom-made digital solutions based on React, Gatsby, Next, Vue, and more. 

To attract new customers and retain those who have already made purchases, online companies need to rely on exceptional content. With the Sanity Connect app, you can install, manage, and edit your page’s content in real-time, using a simple and user-friendly UI that holds a range of powerful features. Sanity is an official partner of Shopify, and the two platforms cooperate to create the best storefront solutions. 

Headless e-commerce made simple with the Sanity Connect app 

Configuring and deploying an e-commerce page is easy and approachable with Shopify and Sanity. Simply download the Sanity Connect app from the Shopify app store by pressing the Add App button, connect it with your Sanity account (or create a new one) and choose an existing project or create a new one for free! 

After some simple configuration and customization, your app will be ready for use. At the end of June 2022, Shopify released its revolutionary Hydrogen framework for hosting server-rendered components using Shopify’s infrastructure to boost SEO, site performance, and user experience. 

Sanity has been working with Shopify closely during the beta to provide comfortable storefront-building solutions as soon as the framework releases. You can find out more about using Sanity Connect for Shopify in this YouTube video. 

How can Sanity help online businesses drive sales? 

Sanity offers a range of digital solutions for online businesses, from e-commerce storefronts to marketing sites and innovative mobile apps with fast structured content. Sanity’s goal is to help businesses improve the quality of their digital products and services and reduce their Time to Market. 

Tools and solutions introduced by Sanity create a unified and developer-friendly content management environment, based on modern frameworks and flawless API integration. Solutions like headless commerce and headless CMS offer supreme customizability, scalability, and flexibility, and Sanity makes it simple and stress-free to integrate and deploy them for online businesses. 

The platform offers convenient document querying through GraphQL and GROQ, as well as simple data management with structured content, with all the complicated work done for you over a cloud-hosted service - and on top of all, there’s a massive community of developers and creators from all over the world sharing their advice, tools, libraries, and more! 

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