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Enterprise Multisite WordPress Development

Multisite custom enterprise WordPress development

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International Multisite

Multisite configuration with broadcast capabilities

Enterprise WordPress

Enterprise WordPress development using Beaver Builder

Custom Modules

Custom coded modules so aspects such as fund information tables can be easily managed

Custom Mega Menu

Heavily customised mega menu that has produced an attractive, and user-friendly solution

Multisite Enterprise WordPress Development for an FTSE Listed Advisory and Asset Management Company.

Built over 6 weeks, this was an incredibly customised WordPress website, including multisite functionality with broadcast available, a customised and complex mega menu and a lot of interactivity.

The Development

The attention to detail of the designs for this development was incredible, but introduced a level of complexity that challenged our development skills and produced a brilliant result. To match the designs, a huge amount of custom functionality needed to be built into Beaver Builder, the page builder.

How we work with Financial Advisers R M

One example of the complexity is the blue triangle on images, so rather than editing the images, we built the functionality to be able to add these in multiple places to each image. This means the site can easily be updated without picture editing skills.

How we work with Financial Advisers R M

Similar complexity was introduced into the header images of each page, meaning that a variety of different images could be used on the site whilst maintaining a consistent brand image.

FTSE listed advisory and asset management company

The Result

The website is amazing with good UX and presents the information new and existing clients require. There were a number of complexities around disclaimers and compliance, presenting some intricacies around Geo identification which have been fully resolved within the website.

To make the website easy to manage internally we had to create a number of custom functionalities so information could be quickly and easily updated.

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